Left / Right Arrows - Horizontal Movement

Up Arrow - Jump

X key - Shoot

F Key - Fullscreen (Glitched, use the fullscreen button at the bottom of the game window until fixed.)


On the edge of a town named Puriton where many highly religious and superstitious people resided lived a male witch and his lover. One rainy afternoon the townspeople ransacked there home and brought the couple to the town's priest where both of them were immediately sentenced to execution without question. But instead of the priest sending them to the Gallows or burning them to a crisp, he thought of a different tactic...

They locked the Witch's lover in a cage at dragged it to the edge of the town's pond. The locked they used wasn't just a normal lock, but an ancient and withered one. The key to unlock said lock was hidden atop the tallest point in a long-forgotten tower overrun by monsters! The priest gave the Witch to the rising of the moon to retrieve the key and free his lover if he fails the cage will be dropped into the deep and murky pond... You, Sal the witch, must travel to the tower ruins and retrieve the key before it's too late!

Dev History / Story

Witch Trials was not my first game, although it is usually my first uploaded game on any place where I show off my works it's far from being the first finished project, it was the first to truly reach my standards of polish and overall quality. After making a collection of small games that although important to me I wasn't very proud of I decided to put my foot down and make a game that I knew I could make if I just put a little more effort in to, this is that game. Although it's basic and not very impressive (Even to my own games proceeding this one) It was my own personal stepping stone into making better games.

This game took a short but super exciting 1 month to make from start to finish including the game's mechanics, Art, and music. I even tried a different Palette to make my game stand out as well, although a bit rough on the eyes I personally believe it was best for the game as a whole (and if this game ever gets a sequel I may stick with it).


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The difficulty is brutal, for me at least, even on normal.  Still, I managed, and I can say that it was a fun journey.  Well done.

If I had a complaint, and maybe I'm wrong here, so take this with a grain of salt, but the jumps felt a bit too quick.  A slower arc might have been warranted.  Then again, maybe not.  Perhaps the mechanics were meant to match the rising tide.

But anyhow, fun game.  Thanks for making it :)