Left Mouse Button : Drag and Drop creatures / Selecting

Right Mouse Button : Drop food


Immaculate Conception is a Experimental, and creepy pet-sitting/Light-Strategy game. You tend to black blob creatures called children, The Immaculate (A gaint, leaking face) will come down and ask for you to sacrifice these creatures. 

You need to make sure to give him sacrifices before he gets angry and also make sure your population doesn't drop to 0. To keep your creatures alive you will need to feed them to breed, sacrifice them, and let others die off for food.

Dev History/  Story

Immaculate Conception is a weird game and was never meant to be anything other than a art project in a way. I made this game during a dip in creativity where I didn't feel like working on anything, during this time I fell into a small depression as I felt like I wasn't doing anything and felt pretty empty. This is when self-hatred started to creep it's ugly head.

Instead of letting it swallow me whole I wanted to not only try something experimental and weird to maybe kickstart a creative drive but also make a game that captures the essence of "Self v. Self"

The game itself was made in about a week and a half, the game is no where near perfect and is quite a messy and not-well paced game. But even with it's flaws I find myself liking it in a weird way, When it first came out and a wave of negativity hit it I was very unsure about what I have done and started to dislike it as well. But, isn't that the risk of making something weird? 

It's still not my favorite game, it probably won't be a game you even think about or play. But it was fun to work on and I think I capture the theme I was going for quite well... 


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